Since 1993

Welcome to AVP Arizona! AVP is "Alternatives to Violence Project," a program working to reduce violence by learning about relationships, communication, and conflict resolution through workshops in prisons, jails, and the community. AVP Arizona is volunteer-run, non-profit, organized by local councils around the state, and part of AVP USA and AVP International. We invite you to learn about AVP, take a workshop, and even become a volunteer facilitator!

Since 1993

Who We Are

A grassroots, worldwide movement dedicated to building peace in ourselves and in our homes, schools, institutions and communities. We seek to realize everyone’s innate power to positively transform ourselves, and in so doing, transform the world.

Since 1993

What We Do

Our workshops use the shared experiences of both participants and facilitators to examine how injustice, prejudice, frustration and anger can lead to aggressive behavior and violence. We explore our innate power to respond in new and creative ways.

Since 1993

How AVP Helps

An AVP Workshop facilitator’s view: “AVP is about people from all different backgrounds coming together to be in community. When I see participants making themselves vulnerable by sharing and being open to change, I am inspired to manage my own conflict better. We are all transformed, and that transformation ripples outward throughout our communities.”

Transforming Power

Establish a sense of self-esteem, affirmation, trust & cooperation

Resolve Conflict Non-Violently

In our Communities, In our Prisons

Laugh - Listen - Connect


Personal testimonials and awards say a lot about AVP’s effectiveness. See what prison and community workshop participants say about their experience, and what prison officials are saying, as well as recognition we’ve been awarded.


I cannot emphasize enough the value of your work here. The inmates themselves are the biggest testimony to the Alternatives to Violence Project, as reflected in their demand for the courses and the backlog of inmates waiting their turn to participate. Time and time again, we have witnessed the effectiveness of the Alternatives to Violence Project through changed behavior of inmates, who might otherwise have committed violent act which would have lengthened their period of incarceration.

Philip Coombe, Suberintendent, Eastern Correctional facility (NYS)


I can’t begin to tell you the impact the workshop you facilitated has had on our youth and the staff as well.

W. Washington, Dir., Charles Loring Grace Youth Camp


If there is such a thing as a miraculous change, then I can truthfully say that it was through AVP. I began to grow from a person filled with hate, anger and despair into a person who believes that he, too, is responsible for the protection, preservation and enrichment of humanity.

Formerly Incarcerated AVP Facilitator Robert Martin


All my life the only alternative that I ever knew was a violent response. When confronted with a stress situation or its equal, I knew nothing but violence. But thanks to the AVP program, I have other methods in dealing with these same situations that once forced violence from me. So for me, the program is priceless.

Participant, Prison Workshop


I am now in the road to looking at people with new eyes and listening with new ears.

Participant, Prison Workshop


I learned to use the tools that AVP taught me in my everyday life. I am a new man and I love it. Transforming Power really works. I have begun life anew.

Participant, Prison Workshop


After being released in 1989, I found myself in need of a new family. AVP became my secondary family. It allowed me to give back to People… to share my experience, my feelings, my life.

AVP is essentially the best support system that anyone can have,
especially a parolee coming out of prison. I would encourage all parolees who are serious about getting their lives together and doing something positive with themselves to join hands with AVP and make it become your family.

Formerly Incarcerated Richard Cunningham


I feel more relaxed, more positive, more patient. I feel like a new creature…in three days my life has changed a lot. Thanks.

Participant, Community Workshop


Friends asked me why I attended an AVP workshop, since I didn’t seem like a violent person. A lot of violence I carry is directed towards myself in the form of self- criticism. AVP is helping me see that and is helping me change.

Participant, Community Workshop


Through the program I learned communication with my family and friends that I never thought existed….I learned trust again.

Participant, Community Workshop


I am 74 years old and had to learn I had violence, as most of us do. I have never stopped learning and know that it’s never too late to learn to love well.

Participant, Community Workshop

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