Want to work on violence/non-violence issues?

Want to be more effective in your community/workplace?

Just curious about the AVP workshops?

Experiencing an AVP workshop yourself is the best way to really get to know the power of these experiential workshops.  Many have said their first workshop was a life-changing experience.

Take a workshop yourself!

  • Many of the workshops in the US are held inside prisons, and prisons often allow outside visitors to attend workshops.  Because prison workshops are more frequent in the USA, they are often the easiest way to experience an AVP workshop.
  • Lots of AVP programs include workshops conducted in communities.  These are pretty much the same as the prison workshops.  However as each workshop draws heavily on the personal experiences of the participants, it will be a different workshop than one conducted in a prison.  We all have corners of violence in our psyche to work on, but the examples and specific direction will vary with the mix of participants.
  • Workshops will encompass 18-24 hours total and might be over a weekend, or spread out over more days or weeks.
  • Costs are generally low as our philosophy is that no one needs to be refused attendance due to lack of funds.  Typical costs are $40 – $100, with the upper ranges dedicated to providing scholarships.

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Become an AVP Facilitator

AVP Facilitators enjoy an immensely satisfying volunteer opportunity. Facilitating a workshop as part of a team, rather than “teaching” is a unique and powerful experience.

    • Becoming an AVP Facilitator has many rewards:
        • A greatly satisfying volunteer opportunity.
        • A source of ongoing personal growth.  Facilitators say they learn a bit more about themselves with each workshop they help facilitate.
        • Learning the power of facilitating (not leading) a class as a part of a team.
        • Being a part of a dedicated and stimulating group of people.
    • The first step is to take the Basic and Advanced workshops.  Every facilitator experiences the AVP workshops firsthand before becoming a facilitator.
    • The Training for Facilitators Workshop (T4F):
        • Usually formatted as a mock Basic Workshop under the tutelage and direction of experienced Facilitators.
        • Attendees will experience facilitating all major parts of a workshop including planning agendas, team building, leading an exercise, and team clinics (evaluation).
        • Following the T4F, you will help facilitate actual workshops as an apprentice, paired with experienced Facilitators, until you’ve gained confidence and experience as a certified Facilitator.
    • Facilitators are all volunteers and usually unpaid (except for reimbursement for expenses).  Some local AVP Programs do pay stipends to Facilitators for non-prison workshops, especially when the Facilitator has limited employment and/or misses essential paid work in order to facilitate a workshop.  All prison workshops are strictly unpaid, volunteer.

Other ways to get involved and help AVP?

Workshop facilitation is not the only way to take an active part in AVP. There are lots of needed services that people can provide.

Don’t have time or have other constraints on workshop facilitation? Or, perhaps being a facilitator is just not a good fit, but you’d really like to help? We have places for you!

  • Office (support) Work
    • Answering inquiries, scheduling, communication, copying, supplies maintenance
  • Workshop support
    • Transportation, meals, site maintenance
  • Hospitality
    • Provide lodging for travelling facilitators (or participants)
  • Publicity
    • Advertising, news, recruitment
  • Logistics
    • Record keeping, database
  • Research
    • For those with the background, take part in our research to provide “evidence-based” data on workshop effectiveness

We’re a volunteer non-profit organization and rely on the generosity of donors for our program.

Here are some ways your donations will be used:

  • Provide seed money to start programs in new locations across the country.
  • Support AVP education, research and communication.
  •  Developing and disseminating best practices to all Groups and Facilitators.
  • Underwriting the AVP-USA publication of our quarterly newsletter, The Transformer.
  • Updating AVP manuals.
  • Provide scholarships to AVP gatherings (supporting young leaders!).
  • Support the infrastructure of AVP-USA — website, publications, and outreach.

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